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Obtain granular consent
from your data subject

Freely Given
Offer a genuine, free choice to your data subjects and the possibility to withdraw consent at any time.
Specific and Unambiguous
Consent must be given for all processing activities carried out for the same purpose and where processing has multiple purposes, leaving no room for doubt about the data subject’s wishes when providing their agreement.
The data subject should be informed about the identity of the controller, the intended purposes of the processing and about their right to withdraw consent at any time.

Consent & Preference

Automating the consent work flow
Be safe
Tracking your website’s transactions of consent, in order for you to demonstrate accountability and compliance, at any time, in the event of a regulatory inquiry.
Getting your users to opt-in and provide them a self-service portal to view their transactional receipts or withdraw consent.
Keep records
Collect and document consent
Generate consent records
Know at any time what your data subjects opted for and tailor your communication accordingly.
Preference Management
Define and customize your consent form according to the specific business processes that require consent
Enhance your reputation
Build customer trust and engagement by offer your data subjects the right to choose and change their mind about their consent

Consent Management

Power to your data subjects
  • Easily manage visitor consent and preferences with a highly customizable cookie banner.
  • Offer your data subjects the freedom to choose their cookie preferences at any time, using the privacy preference banner embedded on your website.

Database interaction tracking

Keep a complete record of user activities
  • Keep a clear record of each data subject’s activity on your website
  • What resources they have activated or what they chose to modify
  • Detect the source in the event of a data security breach, at any time.
Smart Consent

The comprehensive SaaS Solution to help you build, customize and manage your users consent.


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