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Getting your organization GDPR ready with the help of Permission Passing Marketing campaigns.
GDPR Consultancy
We are committed to helping your organization assess your current position and how ready you are to meet the new regulation.
Keep complete, extensive and up-to-date internal records of all your processing activities.

Permission Passing
Marketing Campaigns

Call Center
Update your database through Telemarketing Campaign.
Email Marketing
Getting your database to opt-in through Email marketing campaigns.

Keep an eye on the big picture

Discover tools to save time, collaborate easier with external legal and technical advisers and keep your project under control.

Stay compliant as your business changes by ensuring accurate information is collected on a regular basis, not jus during the initial GDPR implementation.
Avoid loose ends. Sypher automatically creates tasks when “change clues“ are detected or information in key areas is added or altered.
Invite external advisers to create a free account and join your project and bring their own questionnaires and templates.

Stay informed

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    Smart Consent

    The comprehensive SaaS Solution to help you build, customize and manage your users consent.


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