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What is
Smart Consent?

• The comprehensive SaaS Solution to help you build, customize and manage your users consent.
• Fully integrated and scalable platform, easy to implement and administrate.
• Build your visitors’ trust and engagement by offering them real choice and control.

What does
Smart Consent do for you?

We are here to help collect, version and manage the consent you capture on your web platform. Our solution enables you to collect valid consent, manage and customize your privacy and cookies preference system at any time and always keep a clear record of want or don’t want to see from you.
Consent Management
Your solution to comply with the GDPR and track granular transactions of consent, provide users with greater visibility and control while also centralizing records for document compliance.
Cookie Consent Management
Give clear, detailed information to your visitors about what cookies you use and what are they for and provide ways for them to signal whether or not they want to allow such use.
Database activity log
Keep a clear record of what resources users have activated and what they chose to modify from the database, in order to detect the source in the event of a data security breach, at any time
Preference Management Center
Define and customize your consent form according to the specific business processes that require consent and give data subjects the power of choice in how they want to engage with your organization.

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Smart Consent

The comprehensive SaaS Solution to help you build, customize and manage your users consent.


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